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Toro 570Z Classic Series

Toro 570Z Classic Series

  • 1/2″ Female BSP inlet.
  • Check valve models available (order only).
  • Zero flush seal prevents flushing on pop-up, enabling more heads to be placed on same zone.
  • Low-pressure sealing at 100 kPa.
  • Retraction flushing clears debris for reliable pop-down.
  • Accepts all Toro spray nozzles – including:
    • 570 MPR Plus fixed
    • TVAN
    • Toro Variable Arc
    • Precision series nozzles
  • All bodies shipped with a flush plug in place for ease of flushing and riser pull up.
  • Ratcheting riser permits easy arc adjustment in the field.
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Toro 570Z og 570S


Toro 570Z Series



570Z Series pop-up spray bodies by Toro® and 570S Series shrub adapters and shrub risers provide a durable, professional-grade solution for residential and commercial contractors to satisfy all new installation and retrofit requirements. In combination with Toro fixed spray and rotating nozzles, 570Z and 570S Series spray and shrub models can be configured in hundreds of ombinations and present annunparalleled range of flexibility. Available in bottom-inlet shrub versions and pop-up body heights of 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 12” models (side inlet thread options on 6” and 12”). 570Z and 570S Series spray and shrub models are further available with water-saving factory-installed X-Flow® Technology, and/or integrated Pressure Regulating features. Trusted for over 25 years, 570Z and 570S Series spray and shrub models are the ideal choice.

Zero Flush Wiper Seal & Ratcheting Riser

Wiper Seal helps eliminate flushing on pop-up (allows more sprinklers per zone). Ratcheting Riser for quick and precise arc adjustment on all pop-up models.

X-Flow Technology

X-Flow in-stem flow shut-off technology built into the riser restricts water loss by 99% should the nozzle be removed or damaged. The exclusive X-Flow technology reduces water waste, landscape erosion, and wet hardscape safety concerns. X-Flow also allows for ‘dry’ nozzle and filter replacement or system maintenance while the system is running.

Pressure Regulator

Built in pressure regulation to a consistent 30 PSI is available on 570Z and 570S shrub models. WaterSense® certified to prevent water waste due to misting and fogging caused by high-pressure environments.

One-Piece Check Valve (570CV)

One-piece check valve prevents low-head drainage on elevation changes of up
to 10 feet. Available factory pre-installed or field install.

Enhanced Zero Flush Seal

No Water Wasted at System Start System start up is a critical time when water waste can occur. The Toro 570Z Series spray head’s wiper seal is pressure-activated and prevents flow-by at start up, meaning no water is wasted and more heads can be installed on the same line.

X-Flow® Shut-off Technology

X-Flow® Technology Cuts Off Water Waste Up to 40 gallons of water per minute can escape through a spray head that has a missing or damaged nozzle. This wasted water can lead to landscape erosion, property damage, or unsafe conditions due to wet hardscapes. X-Flow is factory installed in the riser and holds back over 99% of the water that would otherwise be wasted in cases where the nozzle has been compromised through unintentional accidents or vandalism. Furthermore, X-Flow Technology allows for spray head maintenance or component replacement without the need to turn off the system.


Read more about the Toro 570Z HERE.

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Spacing 0.6-5.5m
Flow rate 0.2-17 Lpm
Recommended operating pressure 140-350 kPa
Maximum operating pressure 520 kPa
Minimum operating pressure for COM models 170 kPa 15mm (1/2”) female uni-thread Check valve maintains up to 3m in elevation change (The Check-O-Matic feature requires use of the bottom inlet.)
Body diameter 35mm on shrub, 2P, 3P, 4P, 6P and 6P-SI bodies 41mm on 12P bodies 44mm on 12P-SI bodies
Cap diameter 50mm
Side inlet 120mm from top of sprinkler to centre of side inlet
Body Height 2P – 103mm, 3P – 122mm, 4P – 158mm, 6P – 211mm, 12P – 395mm