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Bailoy GTI Dekoder

Bailoy GTI Dekoder

GTI Trident-dekodere er best egnet for bruk med et GTI Trident PC- eller EC-system.

Kombinasjonen av Trident-kontroller og dekodere vil gi brukeren jevn og pålitelig vanning i mange år.

Benyttes på golfbaner og andre store anlegg sammen med et Trident styreskap/styresystem.

Dekoder leveres med 1, 2, 3 og 4 stasjoner.

GTI Gemini-dekodere til densamme pris.

Ta kontakt for bestilling av Gemini-dekodere.


Bailoy GTI PC


Bailoy GTI Dekoder

These have been installed in many hundreds of sites over the last four decades with many still being used to this day.
We are very proud that they are widely recognised for their reliability and unique enclosure design.

We currently manufacture the Gemini decoder for use with 2-core control cables, and the Trident decoder, for use with 3-core control cables with both types being available in multi way versions.


Bailoy decoders uniquely regulate the output voltage ensuring the solenoid is not supplied with a voltage higher than that specified by the manufacturer.

This also reduces potential cable losses (volt drop), which in turn can reduce cable costs. No need to select a control cable with a larger cross-sectional area for the first part of the cable run. The GTI decoders have a voltage range much higher than others, from 19 to 48Vac.

Specially designed cable entries help prevent water ingress. The combination of these and multi-stranded wires, help prevent breaks that frequently happen with solid wires used by other manufacturers.

Potted with a compound chosen for its ability to protect the decoder from extremes of heat and cold. While still allowing all the components to do the job they were designed for.

And finally, a fixing tab is fitted to allow the decoder to be neatly installed.


Bailoy decoders have always been designed to be fully backwards compatible with previous models. This allows them to be installed together with, or to replace all, previous Bailoy manufactured Gemini, Trident, SC3000 and CDS-DIU decoders previously licensed to third parties. These are easily recognised as they have the same unique enclosure design.

This compatibility allows for managed replacement (or reinstallation on another control cable) as budgets allow or when the older decoder fails.

Later models allow the user to irrigate more stations simultaneously (in conjunction with GTI V3 software)


Bailoy GTI Dekoder – Lenker

Read more about the Bailoy GTI Dekoder on the Bailoy website HERE.

Read more about the Bailoy GTI Dekoder HERE.

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