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Rain Sensor

Rain Sensor

SAVE WATER – Only use your irrigation system when it’s needed.

Hard-wired model

Fully adjustable shutoff points from 3-25mm of accumulated rainfall.
Compatible with virtually all controllers.
7,6 m cable (white, UV resistant, UL-rated) provides installation flexibility.

Wireless model

Fully adjustable shutoff points from 3-25mm of accumulated rainfall.
Compatible with nearly all 24VAC controllers.
Enhanced communication and signal link integrity features 91,4 m transmission range offers virtually limitless installation options.
Easy, versatile one-piece mounting requires no special tools.
Signal strength indicator.
Smart BypassTM for easy system override – sensor switches back automatically on next activation.
Slide-snap-on cover protects receiver from the elements.

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TRS and TWRS-1




Wireless RainSensor™

No wires. No hassle. Just reliable rain sensing that provides optimum
water savings. Toro® innovative wireless technology provides easy to
use, advanced features for prompt reaction when it starts to rain. With
options for rain or rain/freeze sensing, the TWRS Series can save up to
30% more water than existing disc rain sensors.

Features & Benefits

Selectable Water Management Modes

Delay resumption of irrigation by intelligently extending beyond mechanical
reset time – can save up to 30%* more water.

Smart Bypass™
Allows for system override at any time and resets automatically.

Rain/Freeze Combination
Features digital programmable accuracy – a first in the industry – The Freeze
shutoff can be set from 35°F to 45°F in 2° increments.

LCD Display – A First In Wireless Rain Sensors
Provides informative system feedback including outside temperature, and
transmitter signal strength and battery life.

Wired Rain Sensor

When it rains sometimes all you need is a simple sensor that ensures the
job gets done. With multiple set-points for adjustable rain sensitivity and
maintenance-free sensing disks, Toro’s TRS provides the reliability required.
The Quick-Clip™ gutter bracket needs no special tools for installation. It really
is that simple.

Features & Benefits

Compatible With All Toro And Other Manufacturer’s Controllers
Universal Normally Open and Normally Closed operation for compatibility with all
controllers that are designed to accept a sensor device.

Maintenance Free Hygroscopic Discs
Industry standard sensing discs with adjustable rain shut-off indexes at 1/8”, 1/4”,
1/2” and 3/4” of rain.

25 Feet Of UV-Resistant Cable
Includes 25 feet of white outdoor-rated, UV-resistant cable.

Water Conservation Modes
Selectable water conservation modes delay resumption of irrigation by intelligently extending beyond mechanical reset time and can save you up to 30%* more water (savings vary based on sensor setting, watering schedule and other conditions).

Additional Specifications

Operating temperature: -20° F to 120° F
Housing material: Weather and UV resistant engineered polymer
Transmitting range: up to 500’ (line-of-sight) with adjustable antenna
Sensor: maintenance free hygroscopic disks; adjustable rain sensitivity (1/8” to 3/4”)
Low battery indicator
Signal strength indicator/scale
Rain delay feature that works intelligently with the rain sensor (unlike most controller-based rain delays)
Fail-safe modes in the event of loss of communications or failed sensor
Real-time outside temperature displayed on the LCD (TWRFS only)
Five year easy to replace, standard coin batteries
Can control multiple receivers/controllers with one sensor transmitter

Series TRS/TWRS Series
Style Description Wireless Rain Sensor
Length Depth Transmitter – 1-3/4″/Receiver – 1-3/4″
Material Polymer
Operating Temperature 120°F
Rain Sensitivity 3mm-25mm
Application Type Residential & Commersial
Vendor Product Number TWRS
Unit Of Measure MM