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Toro Flex800 B-Series FLX34B/35B

Toro Flex800 B-Series FLX34B/35B

  • Designed specifically for block systems.
  • Samme funksjoner som i FLX34/35.
  • 1″ BSP (in stock) or ACME (order).
  • One sprinkler for every location on the course.
  • These unique sprinklers can be full circle or part circle.
  • Flanged cap installs below grade.
  • Small exposed diameter.
  • FLX34/35 Spredere
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FLEX 800-Series

Spesifikasjon og Dyse

Toro FLEX800™ B Series golf sprinkler family brings you all the great features and performance of the FLEX800 35-6, 35 and 34 Series sprinklers. It comes in a more economical body package specifically designed for block systems. With its rugged golf body design, small exposed surface diameter, flanged body for stability and check valve these sprinklers are perfect for every golf application. With the industry’s largest selection of high performance nozzles and TruJectory adjustment the NEW FLEX800 35-6/55-6 Series allows you to put water precisely where you want it for maximum distribution uniformity. The part/full circle drive allows you to simply and economically adjust the area of coverage to match your seasonal watering needs or meet watering mandates in seconds with no disassembly or additional parts required.

Features & Benefits

Tru-Jectory – 24 positions.
From 7° – 30° in 1° increments you can put water where you want it. Adjust from the top of the sprinkler in seconds, wet or dry. This flexibility lets you tackle every obstacle on the course; wind, trees, bunkers, mounds and more.

Industries Largest Nozzle Selection

Nozzles from 12.8m – 30.5m radius plus a wide assortment of back nozzles lets you put the precise amount of water exactly where you need it. All nozzles threaded in from the front.

Toro Ratcheting Riser

Align part circle quickly and easily or adjust watering locations to suit seasonal needs.

True Part and Full-Circle in One – (40° – 330° part circle)

These sprinklers can be full circle today and part circle tomorrow. This allows you to simply and economically adjust the area of coverage to match your seasonal and watering needs.

Flanged Cap Installs Below Grade

Stabilizes the body position and maintains optimum nozzle performance.

Small Exposed Diameter

Minimizes the appearance of the sprinkler to maximize the beauty of the course. This i perfect for high traffic areas like tees, greens and surrounds.

Read more at the Toro website.

Inlet: 25mm (1″) ACME
  • FLX35-6B: 9m – 29m
  • FLX35B: 9m – 27m
  • FLX34B: 17m – 29m
Flow Rate:
  • FLX35-6B: 26.8 – 198.7 LPM
  • FLX35B: 31.0 – 213.1 LPM
  • FLX34B: 49.2 – 209.7 LPM
Precipitation Rates:
  • FLX35-6B: 8.6 – 14.2 mm/hr
  • FLX35B: 9.3 – 17.0 mm/hr
  • FLX34B: 8.3 – 14.9 mm/hr
Recommended Operating Pressure: 448 – 690 kPa
  • FLX35-6B – 7° – 30° in 1° increments; 24 positions
  • FLX35B – 15° or 25° – 2 positions
  • FLX34B – 15° or 25° – 2 positions
Checl-O-Matic feature: Prevents low head drainage up to 3m of elevation change.
  • Body diameter: 15.2 cm
  • Body height: 21.6 cm
  • Weight:
    • FLX35-6B: 0.9 kg
    • FLX35B: 0.9 kg
    • FLX34B: 0.89kg
  • Pop-up height to nozzle: 8.25cm