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Toro INFINITY™ Series 54/55

Toro INFINITY™ Series 54/55

  • SMART ACCESS® Cover.
  • 1,5″ inlet.
  • Part circle (INF55) and full circle (INF54) sprinkler.
  • Arc adjustment—40°-330° and true full-circle in one (INF55).
  • Dual trajectory adjustment of the main nozzle—25° or 15°.
  • Available in TruJectory From 7° – 30° in 1° increments (order only).
  • Valve-In-Head (VIH).
  • Available in Block (after valve).
  • Pilot Valve: Selectable at 3.4, 4.5, 5.5, and 6.9 Bar.
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Toro INFINITY Series


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12-spreder Vanningsanlegg

The key benefit of the new INFINITY™  54/55 Series rotor is the innovative SMART ACCESS™ feature that allows users quick and easy access to internal components, including solenoids, pilot valves, 2-wire control modules and wire splices – all without digging to provide significant labour savings. The dual trajectory main nozzle provides exceptional nozzle performance at the 25° standard angle position and great performance in windy applications at the 15° low angle position.  With an eye to the future, the SMART ACCESS compartment is designed for future upgrades as new technologies become available. The compartment also provides system protection by isolating all electrical components, such as wire splices, from soil and moisture to prevent ground shorts and keep the system operating smoothly.

  • INF54: 40 mm BSP
  • INF55: 40 mm BSP
  • INF54: 15.9 – 30.2m
  • INF55: 16.7 – 28.0m
Flow Rate
  • INF54: 50.0 – 233.9 LPM
  • INF55: 53.0 – 232.0 LPM
Precipitation Rate
  • INF54: minimum 9.6 mm/hr, maximum 17.8 mm/hr
  • INF55: minimum 11,4mm/hr, maximum 20.5mm/hr
Recommended Operating Pressure 450 – 690 kPa
Maximum Operating Pressure 1030 kPa
Minimum Operating Pressure 280 kPa
Pop-Up Height 8.25 cm
Body Height
  • INF54: 29 cm
  • INF55: 29 cm
SMART ACCESS Cover and Compartment Diameter
  • INF54: 19 cm
  • INF55: 19 cm