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Toro P220 Series Ventil

Toro P220 Series Ventil

Disse kraftige glassfylte nylonventilene er spesialdesignet for kommersielle bruksområder med trykk opp til 220 psi (15,2 BAR), men har også muligheten til å regulere trykkstrømmen gjennom ventilen alt fra 5–100 psi (0,3 – 6,9 BAR).

Ventilene kan leveres i 1″, 1,5″, 2″ og 3″.
Ventilene leveres med enten AC eller DC Solenoid.
AC benyttes vanligvis med styreskap.
DC benyttes vanligvis med batteristyring.

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Toro P220-Series


Toro P220-Series


Toro P220-Series

Performance Chart

P220 Ventil by Toro

The P220, P220G and P220GS Series provide a full family of plastic valves that can deliver the water to meet the challenging needs of today’s courses.  P220’s precise pressure regulation valves deliver the optimum pressure and flow requirements to every sprinkler on the zone ensuring maximum uniformity of the water to the turf.

With a lightning rating exceeding 20,000 volts, the new 220 Series brass valves offer nearly three times the lightning protection of competitive products Compact EZReg® dial-design technology (factory or field installed – no need to remove solenoid).
With its 20,000 volt lightning rating, the industries highest, the Spike Guard™ solenoid has virtually eliminated the need for solenoid replacement in high lightning environments. And with 1/2 the amperage draw of traditional solenoids you can run twice as many sprinklers simultaneously, reduce the cost of wiring during initial installation or increase the distance from controller to sprinkler.
– Ensures the P-220 can operate at pressures up to 220 psi (15 Bar).
– Compact EZReg® dial-design technology (factory or field installed – no need to remove solenoid).
– Keeps valve box dry and easy to use.
– Simple verification of downstream pressure.


  • EZReg® Pressure Regulating System.
  • Can be adjusted from 5-100 psi to deliver the optimum pressure for every need.
  • Spike Guard™ Solenoid – With its 20,000 volt lightning rating, it virtually eliminates the need for solenoid replacements in high lightning environments.
  • Internal Manual Bleed – Ensures the optimum pressure of the system even when being operated manually.
  • Double-beaded Fabric Reinforced Diaphragm- Provides superior performance and extended life without tearing in high-pressure golf applications.
  • Self Cleaning Metering Pin – A self-cleaning feature that operates two times during every valve cycle ensuring smooth positive opening and closing.

Additional Features

  • Glass-filled nylon and stainless steel construction.
  • Internal and External bleed.
  • No external tubing.
  • Standard, built-in Schrader-type valve for downstream pressure verification.
  • Flow control independent of solenoid.
  • Self-aligning bonnet to ensure correct installation.
  • Self-cleaning, stainless steel metering rod.
  • Low-flow capability down to 5 gpm.
  • Low-power requirement for longer wire runs.


Les mer om P220 Ventil-Serien her.

Read more about the P220 Valve-Series on the Toro Website HERE.

Operating pressure – Electric — 70–1515 kPa
– Pressure regulating models
Outlet EZR–30 30–200 kPa (± 20 kPa)
Outlet EZR-100 30–700 kPa (± 20 kPa)
– Inlet 100–1515 kPa – Minimum pressure differential
(between inlet and outlet) 70 kPa for EZReg operation
Body styles Globe/angle valve, female-threads BSP
Solenoid 50 Hz 24 V.a.c.
– Inrush 0.3 amps, 7.2 VA