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Toro TPV Series Ventil

Toro TPV Series Ventil

  • Full-featured, economically priced residential and commercial valve
  • 1″ BSP Female.
  • Threaded, slip and barbed body styles ensure any site-specific installation can be met
  • Exceptional flow characteristics include low flow operation down to 0.1 gpm for drip applications and lower friction loss than the leading competitor
  • Durable Santoprene™ diaphragm ensures a smooth and positive sealing for leak-proof operation
  • Patented DBS Technology™ (Debris Bypass System) assures valve reliability in demanding water conditions without internal filters
  • Patent-pending GLUE STOP™ design on slip-by-slip models makes it virtually impossible to plug the discharge port with PVC cement
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TPV Series


TPV Series
The search for a full-featured, economically priced residential and commercial valve is over thanks to Toro’s newest 1″ valve offering-the TPV Series. These full-featured, rugged, debris-resistant valves feature flow ranges from 0.38 to 151 L/min, making them ideal for everything from drip to high-flow residential, and commercial applications. Choose from a variety of inlet and outlet selections to ensure that all site specific requirements are met. The patented DBS Technology™ (Debris Bypass System) ensures valve functionality in nearly all dirty water applications. Add a 5-year warranty and rest assured that the TPV Series will become your workhorse valve for all professional installations.

Features and Benefits

Tough Double-Beaded, Chloramine and Ozone-Resistant Santoprene® Diaphragm

Ensures a consistent, leak-proof seal all the way up to 12,0 Bar (175 psi).Patented DBS (Debris Bypass System) Technology™Metering system ensures proper functionality, even in tough environments.

Multiple Body Styles

Choose from various styles to meet any installation requirement.

Wide Range of Flows and Pressure

One valve for all site specific needs.

Robust Solenoid Design

Ensures reliable opening and closing.

DBS Technology™ (Debris Bypass System)

DBS is a patented vibrating metering pin and diaphragm assembly that allows for small particles to pass through the valve without clogging.

Glue Stop™

TPV Slip-by-Slip models include this patented feature, which ensures that the installer cannot block the downstream port of the valve during installation with primer and cement.

Additional Features
  • Rugged, Double-Beaded Santoprene diaphragm
  • Patented DBS™ (Debris Bypass System) technology
  • Operates in low-flow and landscape drip applications when a filter is installed upstream
  • Built with either AC or DC Latching Solenoids
  • Manual Operation without the use of a controller—Internal and External Bleed
  • Captured hex/Phillips screws
  • Optional flow control allows precise zone adjustment and manual shutoff
  • Encapsulated solenoid with captured hex plunger assembly
  • Removable flow control handle to ensure vandal-resistance
  • Slip models feature patented Glue Stop™
  • Self-aligning bonnet permits fast and easy servicing
  • Large directional flow arrows

Les mer om TPV-Series her.

Read more about the TPV-Series at the Toro Website HERE.

Burst Pressure Safety Rating: 69 bar

Constuction: PVC

Dimensions: 13 cm H x 7 cm W x 12.7 cm L

Flow: 0.38 to 151 L/min

Holding: 0.20 Amps

Inrush: 0.40 Amps

Operating Pressure: 0.7 to 12.1 bar max

Size: 1″ (25.4 mm)

Solenoid: AC / DC-Latching

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